Education is a continuous process of growth and development throughout life. In partnership, School and Parents / Carers make an essential contribution to this.  Ashgate School Curriculum reflects our school ethos. We aim to meet the unique and individual needs of each pupil in all educational activities that we deliver including formal and informal learning.

The Curriculum is organised into a Sensory Curriculum, an Adapted National Curriculum and the National Curriculum as appropriate for each child according to his or her age, ability and Special Educational Needs. We aim to ensure that the new National Curriculum is appropriately adapted to meet the needs and abilities of our pupils at Ashgate. The curriculum is meaningful to our pupils and prepares them for adult life, as appropriate to their stage of development.

 All pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum and experience a range of Enrichment and Extracurricular Activities.

Communication is at the forefront of our curriculum. We use the ELKLAN approach and consider each child’s communication needs when planning the delivery of the curriculum.

Holistic Education
We plan and deliver with reference to advice from professionals who support our children with any other needs including, sensory, physical and medical.

We plan the curriculum in accordance with guidance from the SEN code of Practice:

‘SEN Code of Practice Guidance:

6.12 All pupils should have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. The National Curriculum Inclusion Statement states that teachers should set high expectations for every pupil, whatever their prior attainment. Teachers should use appropriate assessment to set targets which are deliberately ambitious. Potential areas of difficulty should be identified and addressed at the outset. Lessons should be planned to address potential areas of difficulty and to remove barriers to pupil achievement. In many cases, such planning will mean that pupils with SEN and disabilities will be able to study the full national curriculum.’

As such in planning and delivering the Curriculum, teachers create an Individual Education Plan for each and every child which sets targets with high Expectations and identifies strategies for overcoming any barriers to learning.

Enrichment and Extracurricular Activities:
Donkeys, Swimming, Rebound Soft Play, Sensory Room, Cooking, Trips and Learning in the Community, Music, Hydrotherapy, Bikes, Intensive Interaction, Cheerleading, A variety of musical experiences, Eating out, going for a walk, supported and independent travelling, using public transport, Art therapy, drama therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Nurture, Occupational Therapy, Massage, City in the Community sports coaches, Computing.

Adapted Curriculum Framework: (P4 - P8)

  1. Cognition and Numeracy (including Computing)
  2. Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  3. Creative and Expressive Arts
  4. Physical Activity
  5. Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
  6. Communication and Literacy

We teach the National Curriculum for children working at P8 or above. This will be done in a meaningful and appropriate method using specialist teaching techniques and resources which support the individual needs of our children.

A curriculum for pupils with profound and complex learning difficulties (previously assessed as working from P1 - P4)

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